Stylish corporate photography

As a company, you want to stand out from the crowd. So why settle for anonymous stock photos that anyone can purchase? Say goodbye to clichés and emphasise the individuality of your company with a creative corporate report or a series of portraits. Show off what your company has to offer with a unique visual identity.

Corporate photography – business or reportage style

Corporate photography covers a variety of styles. A good corporate photographer is generally versatile, and I am certainly no exception. I will get your employees to pose for the camera or assemble the images for your company report. I can cover events, shoot editorial images, or hit the road for a PR campaign.

What kind of corporate photography do I offer?

How do I work as your corporate photographer?

Firstly, I take time to get to know your organisation better. What are your objectives? What makes your company or organisation special? What is important for your customers or partners? I then translate this inspiration into an original series of images that match the image and house style of your company.

Five reasons why you might need a photographer:

  1. You are rolling out a rebrand or launching a new website
  2. Your profile photo on LinkedIn is seven years old
  3. Each of the portraits on your site has a different background
  4. You want to attract the right employees more quickly
  5. Your organisation lacks a recognisable visual style

I’m a freelance photographer with a lot of experience

As a freelance photographer, I have experience in a wide variety of sectors, ranging from education to technology and from architecture to the travel industry, and many more. I prefer to work for organisations with a social or environmental mission. Read more about me. Alternatively, discover my other photography services from travel photography to property photography or event photography..

Corporate photography that hits the target

If you would you like to highlight a production process, get portraits of your team or show off a company report, then we should talk. I have 20 years’ experience as a corporate photographer and you can be sure the results will be great.

Contact me for a no-obligation quotation or for a chat.

"For our company website, we wanted to do away with stock pictures have our own photographs. Ine was a perfect match for the job. After a detailed briefing session and two on-site photoshoots, we have a wealth of high quality pictures to choose from for our website, mailings, brochures, etc delivered to us very quickly and efficiently."

Wim Bauwens - communication officer Sofico

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